Текст песни Infernum - Inverted Prayer

Upon hooves,
Behold I, th' black banner
The answer,
To your prayer
Into this world, have I come,
To conquer
This light, which none so dare,
With mortal hands
Is the very harp of my dark art
Shall ye guess my tune?
Inverted prayer,
Thirteen thrones of ash
Nothing can bind,
The spell that I wind
Nothing can halt,
The Hail that I wield
Blood is my wine,
Aloft, I raise my horn
Mother, priest, and child trampled, all!
Aloft I raise my sword
Father, son, and holy spire ablaze!
Aloft I raise my form
'Twas ye, who kindled, in dark desire,
The black flame,
Which would consume this world

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