Текст песни Fimbulthier - Blinded By Hypocrisy

Look above your head, blackened is the night
Black like endless death, the stars are losing their light
Hear the heavy pound, like a thousand hooves it's sound
No more the sky is quiet, the stars have lost their light

See the heavy light, the light which makes us blind
Only a black cloth seen, where once the stars have been
The sky is falling down, in it we will drown
Mercy won't be showed to us, abandoned by the gods we trust

What have I done I lived like a man of war
Abandoned by our gods, Thor's anger now I saw
Lived full of honor and fought like man of war
Abandoned by mighty Thor, his anger now I saw

Listen to me you fools, because you must be blind
Thor did not abandon you, you all left him behind
Nothing can save us now

In your heads is grown, the seed which makes us blind
Sowed by lying bastards, makes us leave our gods behind
And want us to see their own

Vom falschen Gott erz

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