Текст песни Juwan Shahir - You No Gangsta

You no gangsta
I don't see coke in yo trunk
You piece of junk
No handles stickin out
And i doubt that grille is real
And i doubt that's a certified gangsta seal
Now i aint a doctor
The only cure for your sickness
Is to erase yo existence
You only make sense
On days where i earn cents
And you kno dollars make sense
But for you, it makes a fence
Blockin u from bein a real g
Now i aint no gangsta myself
But im a straight up mc
Soon to be hittin the shelf
And i don't feel guilty
When i lay down my verse
You hire guys to write yours
That's like stealin outta purse
Now take a look, where you headin
Whos in front of you
Whos bein for real
And whos playin jokes with you
For you, better off neither
Heaven or hell
You droppin barz cause u just got
Built in to jail
(chorus 2x)
You got somethin to say
Well say it when i stop somewhere
'cause i keep goin on and on like infinite stairs
Sit down in a chair
Ill tell u why i crave for success
Why i promise i wont brag
'cause they think im from the west
Aint gonna fake
No copped bulletproof vest
That's a modern thang
The mystery is unsolved
Even with money involved
You can bring your caliber
But this time don't ask your mother
Give one example of a rapper
And im just another
Im 13 and im doin this
Imagine me in a few
Ill be hittin the radio, the magazines
And if im lucky, the news
I gotta be perfected
Hated by few, but mostly accepted
You'll be accepted by the graveyard
You aint tough, you aint hard
You bout to see tha grim
You as talented as a bird
That's trying to swim
(chorus 2x)


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