Текст песни Dru Hill - Never Make A Promise

I don't have to think about it
I ain't never been in love
Well I've only dreamed about it
But now I think I know it's clear to me
You've made me understand
I promise I'll never hurt
you/ I'll never make you cry
I promise I'll never hit you
Cross my heart and hope to die
I know I'll keep you safe I'll keep you warm
I'll keep you satisfied
Be your sunshine in the morning
Be your everything at night
You told me what you needed
I gave you what you need
I told ya that I'd love you, make it good for you and me
I never make a promise that I can't keep, that ain't me
Ain't no way to get around it
No cause now you're stuck with me
Did you know that yo'd be surrounded
By my love and ecstacy
This is the staart of one great love afair
That never, never, never ends
We can share the world together
This is where it begins
Girl, I'll stand by you, Give me your hand
I'll Make Love To You baby, Your wish is my command
Let play out your fantasies I'll make you u lose your mind
Take you places you ain't been, I promise you in time
Repeat Chorus

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