Текст песни Memphis Bleek - Everyday

[Memphis Bleek (Carl Thomas)]
Yeah (oh), yo (oh)
Ay yo, you niggas know the Memph stay high and shit
Eleven hundred on Sunset burn the strip
Tryna choose which freak can drive the whip
You know the five double oh
You know how it go
You know all the hoes be bad to the toes
Pose centerfolds, smoke in the gold
You know how I be, drop Z3
Meet one freak, Bleek two heats
Nigga that's the rules, get at you dudes
Niggas see my feet be like look at them shoes
Straights dubs, hoes wanna fuck
Before they get a nut, first head in the truck
Shit we do 60, cranberry Bentley
This what'chu want, ho come and get me
You know the move
It gotta be right before you push the Z
Give me head at the lights

[1] - [Carl Thomas]
Everyday it's just the same though
We just tryna see tomorrow
As we try to pay attention to the people we are
I'm just trying to have some fun
Live my life and own my gun
I know I can't live forever

[Memphis Bleek]
Yo, yo she coul push the Plymouth, switch while I'm in it
You know how I do, we could fuck for a minute
She know that the Memph give a hundred percent
She can see the jewels shine from under the tints
Might see the fifth reflect from under the tints
Or your wife giving head from under the tints
You know that the crew wil'in in the turtle top
State to state, you know the hoes me and murder got
Cause when they see the plat-i-num, that be them
In the Range gettin' brains or the drop BM
Who you know that can stop these mens?
I'm come through in the Cadi, the color of gin
Somethin' clear you can see right in
Don't mistake the passenger, your wife was in
I let her underhand me, give me brain in the Banji
While I do a wheely with my hands in her panties nigga

[Repeat 1 (2x)]

[Memphis Bleek]
Yo check it, uh ay yo
Watch the wife, she don't play
You seen how she scratched the CLK
She hate ma-mas cause they roll shotgun
And when they smoke they like to take shotguns
And when I fuck I hit like shotguns
Violate me, get beat with shotguns
I can fight, I know I'm a boxer
See Bleek in the hardtop Boxer
Down in 'Frisco poppin' my collars
Smoke champelly, all black Impalla
3 Wheelin', Hennesey spillin'
Fuck the world, that's how Bleek feelin'
Cherry red M3, that's me
When you be like damn you killin' 'em, that's me
You know me, eye-cocked, twin buggy eyes
Blue as the watch face
The watch stay faced - nigga

[Repeat 1 (2x)]

[Carl Thomas]
I'm just trying to make it, whoa, yeah, yeah
I'm just tryna do what's right
Though the devil tries to tempt me, oh no, oh no, oh no...

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