Текст песни Thor's Hammer - Don't Let Your Folk Forget

Think for a moment and look around
What they have done with your own land
You can not let your folk forget
About values they should respect!

You have to understand a fact,
You are the only heir of this land
Your duty is eternal fight
In selfdefense of Aryankind

Don't let your folk forget about it!
About its duties and destiny
Throw down the chains and show your pride!
In Darkness find the ancient light!

Prepare your self for final battle
And proudly sacrifice your life
The spilled blood of pagan warrior
Shall fertilize the Mother Earth

Your children will never forget
How did their father fight and die
But if you fake and give up
They shall spit on your nameless grave

Fame of oblivion - this is your choice!
Fight for your right with no remorse
It's honour to the tradition
Purity and heritage

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