Текст песни Hugh Cornwell - The Big Sleep

Point your suit at me and take my breath away
Better in black and white and chrome I have to say Now the big sleep
You play the hero and the villain every day
Equally charming in an unassuming way
See the girls weep
And now you've said goodbye a million hearts are sad
We were there with you Bob so were my mum and dad
Now the big sleep

Suits and swimming trunks and clergy you don't care
Every one of them is scary we beware
I like Cape Fear
You're out of place in some but you lift them from the mire
Better in the heat to watch your pecs perspire
Then there was Angel Face
And when you leave a scene a thousand footsteps fall
Can't wait to see you back and walking very tall
Before the big sleep

Now sleep

No-one around like you and Jimmy stuart anymore
I'd like to don my suit and even up the score
And try to take over
Painted ladies ain't so glamorous today
Please take me back to 1941 today
Before Pearl Harbour
You've had some trials and tribulations just the same
You have to laugh a lot to stay ahead of the game
Before the big sleep

Now sleep

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