Текст песни Paintbox - Thaw

I'm losing myself and show what I am, what was the shadow I saw at first?
Restricted desires and reasons, sitting besides me to push me down

Excuses I studied are running away to the side road
Run after them right now, yes, before you are surrounded by them

Gotta go, signs flood there at the destination
Burn the spread world into your memory, that you can see
When you go over the clouds
Migratory birds grieve, they will become sky
The reasons why tears welled up so much, you can't weigh all of them

Run towards the end of the sky

Throbs of the heart push me on the back, the time to wake up will come
Put my life in an aura of non-power seeker, then accept even the poison mixed in

I'm exhausted with lies, selfless wind holds me
Turn the mistake into bonds, to bring a brand new day tomorrow

Gotta go, daylights will flood there when you arrive
From the top of thawing mountain, melted snow flows endlessly
You will know when you get older, more and harder
Resist and don't get withered, the rebellious blood is boiling now

Run towards the end of the sky

The frozen crystals of desires are broken before melting
Pieces of it's end are hidden, I will leave all the remains there and step ahead

The rain of regrets, struck me with no mercy
I change the grief into sentiments now, and will engrave them on my mind

Gotta go, set the proof to get to the destination
I overcome the sufferings and got this circulation, it's flow pervades my body
You can cross the rainbow bridge
Just a small step but go ahead, before it fades away

Don't miss it, cross the rainbow bridge
It's far away in the sky

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