Текст песни Frank Sinatra - Personality

Frank: Let's be on with our little holligag, Axel, play that Venetian waltz so popular down at the
pirate's den, will you?

When Madame Pompadour was on the ballroom floor,
Said all the gentlemen, obviously, the madame has the cutest personality
And think of all the books about Du Barry's looks,
What was it made her the toast of Paree?
She had a well-developed personality
And what did Romeo see in Juliet or Hero in Perriet, or Jupiter in Juno? you know!
Or when Salome danced and had the boys entranced,
No doubt it must have been easy to see
That she knew how to use her personality

You're quite a ladies' man just how d'you do advance, I know it can't be publicity,
Boys to Sinatra: The boys at Metro call it a personality
Oh Frank you're awfully thin, just how did you begin,
To set the style in the swoon industry
He: I did it with my famished personality
I know it's not the place for me to make this crack,
But I hear tell that Gable's back
Boys: Frankie, here's a bromo, why, a Como (ow!)
We're grateful to the flock to where those bobbies sack
Because without them we must agree,
We would never have made it with a personality

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