Текст песни Hamza Javeed - Its In Me

They pullin out gats, killing each other
Veins havin' the same blood--
But f**kin' each others mother
Guns blast, brother killing his own brother

Dropping each other in the grave,
Thinkin' that's why they have these f**kin' balls
Motherf**kers, nothin' but bi***s--
Plus they ain't brave

Now I'm in dark all alone,
Rappin' cause I know my role is f**kin' - war zone
That's why I'm here, to bring rhymes into reality

F**ked up in head, now ima f**k up this 'dee'
We provote violence, and you mother f**kers - encourage it
Ya'll mother f**kers know, that judgement day is near
That's why, *Big-Gun*, spitting the truth--
About, mother fuckin' - war fear

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