Текст песни Diabolos Rising - Give Me Blood Or Give Me Death

Give me blood or give me death
(I must have blood)
As the burning sunlight withdraws,
And soft night embraces me,
Hunger upsets my hearthen dreams,
(as) moonlight pierces my pale white skin.
Feeding upon the weak mankind,
Night-Predator, a Son of the Blood,
My curse and bless are mixed in one,
Eternal life is mine to have.
So give me blood or give me death,
I hold no mercy for thyself,
Your boiling blood will give me life,
My soul will tremble from delight.
Come give me blood or give or give me death,
No holy signs can send me away,
No gods of love can block my way,
I breed Darkness and Night breeds me.
Give me blood or give me death !

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