Текст песни Jimmy James - Summer Sun

Baby wake up
Come on and shake up
Can you see the rays of light
Coming down from the summer sun
Let's be a part of this
Cause you really don't wanna miss
All of the happy people dancing in the summer sun
Everybody's out
And feeling proud
Cause they know how good it feels to be in the summer sun

Summer sun

Let's have a drink by the pool
Here there are no rules
It's just the way we feel
On a sunny day under the summer sun
You look so lovely with hardly anything on
Yeah it's the way you look on a sunny day
Under the summer sun

And my emotion
Rolls in like the ocean
It's a feeling you can't compare
But it's like walking on air

Everybody is young
Under the ancient sun
It will shine on us forever
And raise us up

You look so lovely
And you got me so turned on
Yeah it's the way you look
On a sunny day
Under the summer sun

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