Текст песни Dirty - Rollin Vogues


Well I wanna pimp all the hoes
In a L-Dog Lac, gold shoes sittin' on vogues
Say you wanna roll reefer slow
Two niggaz in the back gettin' hi straight smokin' my dope
I know you love it when you see me ride
You run and hide because you know that I'm bringin' it live
And no disrespect, if they cash the check
They comin' out wit the 45 between they eyes
Young nigga can you feel me
I know you wanna kill me but you can't touch the G
I got dick for them sluts to beat
Plenty game for them hoes so you can't fuck wit me
We comin' straight from the S-O-U-T-H, true P-L-A-Y-A
You in the land of the Candyman
You best crown the man and never playa hate
We get hi like everyday
Got some killa ass weed, do you wanna participate
Fuck nigga don't hesitate
Take two puffs of the blunt nigga straight pass it to me
I make yo girl wanna masturbate
So bend on over and shake that ass in a faster way
Tonite I can be yo candy licker
Yo big dick sticker nut 'em up in a nasty way and


[Mr G]
Well it's Friday night and I'm feelin' aight
Got a pound and a pocket full of optimos
Rollin' 4 deep in my Caddy smokin' weed
Tricks sweatin' me but I ain't finna jock them hoes
(Pimp:But young pimp we can stop them hoes

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